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Tbilisi International Student Film Festival “AMIRANI” 2012

The Tbilisi International Student Film Festival “AMIRANI” will be held from 7th to 12th May, 2012 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Films can be submitted to Tbilisi International Student Film Festival “AMIRANI” from 17th January to 18th March, 2012. Maximum running time of presented movie must be 30 minutes, it must be with ENGLISH subtitles and presented to AMIRANI @ the first time.

All the details of the festival – The history, news block, photos, winners, etc –  can be found at the official web page http://www.tbilisistudentfilmfestival.ge/

CILECT 2012 International Congress Cape Town , 1-5 May 2012

Cilect Congress 2012 Cape Town

“Executives, like most other people, have long believed that human beings are interested only in advancing their material interests. However recent research in evolutionary biology, psychology, sociology, political science and experimental economics suggest that people behave far less selfishly than most assume. “ (Yochai Benkler, 2011)

Many of us may have strong views on the nature of altruism and what Benkler calls the selfish gene. Given the state of our diminishing resources, the global recession, the growing divide between the rich and the poor and many other environmental and urban issues that we face everyday, it would seem appropriate to create a theme which embraces a number of issues that percolate into the challenges that we as motion picture practitioners and educationalists face each day. The CILECT 2012 Cape Town Congress theme: knowledge sharing and collaborative learning practice is by no means new or revolutionary, but rapidly gaining in ascendency and making its presence felt in the greater discourse of training future motion picture students and practitioners.

For more informations and registrations , visit : www.cilectcapetown2012.com

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013



The new DOC NOMADS European Master Course is a 2-year-long (120 ECTS) documentary film making course taught in English and delivered by three European Universities: Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Sint-Lukas Brussel Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst and the consortium leader University of Theatre and Film Arts of Budapest.

DOC NOMADS aims at developing students' basic skills in techniques, fieldwork and writing, as well as their creative filmmaking and managing skills in an international production environment within the framework of a truly integrated training that mixes traditional European art education and modern studies based on the film, media and new media industry's requirements.
The basic underlying idea is that the students are immersed into different cultures and social environments which make them more sensitive to different documentary practices, ways of communication enhancing their capabilities to work outside their own cultural contexts; therefore mobility from Lisbon to Brussels via Budapest is compulsory for all students.

DOC NOMADS is open to European and Third Country students with a BA degree in Motion Picture or Media Studies; other degrees are accepted for applicants with a convincing portfolio. In order to guarantee a high-quality individual training, small group tuition is offered (maximum 22 students). The tuition fee, including full medical cover, is 4,000 € per semester both for European and Third Country students.

More infos and application on the Master’s website www.docnomads.eu

Languages through Lenses 2012 , Call for Proposals

The competetion is for new audiovisual productions that are innovative, witty, creative, unexpected, motivating and that explore the potential of multilingualism and the challenges it creates. They should deliver a clear message, be self-explanatory and easily understandable to a broad public with different backgrounds and mother tongues.
The filmmakers could use any European language or a combination of languages and use any digital technique.

Who are the organisers?

ELIA - European League of Institutes of the Arts - in cooperation with CILECT- International Association of Film and Television Schools - is organising this competition on behalf of the European Commission and in partnership with PRIX EUROPA.

- Download the application form in pdf : Call 2012.pdf

- Visit www.languages-through-lenses.eu for more informations

Early Bird Student Film Festival Awards , November 25, 2011

The winners of the 7th annual Early Bird Student Film Festival received their awards on November 25, 2011. Amongst the winners this year were films from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Serbia. In competition this year were 71 films, coming from various countries throughout Europe. The festival organized by the American Foundation for Bulgaria and that takes place at the National Academy of Theatrical Arts and Film, was proud to give place to screenings and Q&A sessions with filmmakers worldwide, including documentary Oscar winner Scott Hiller.

Best Film: “Stuck on Christmas” by Iulia Rugina (UNATC)

Best Foreign Film: “Adam’s Well” by Veysel Cihan Hızar (İstanbul Kültür University)

Best Bulgarian Film: “A Cake Story” by Georgi Krastev (NATFA)

The full list of the awards winners can be seen on the fesitval’s website:


Happy Neighbor II Crotia/Turkey

The second leg of the collaboration between Croatia and Turkey for the Happy Neighbor II Project took place October 16-21, 2011. Students Srđan Krnjaić, Đuro Gavran and Pavel Posavec from the Academy of Dramatic Art, Zagreb were in Istanbul to shoot the story of Tomislav and Ana Čošković. Tomislav is a volleyball player for the Turkish team Fenerbahçe.
The film will be edited and ready to premiere at the Early Bird Film Festival in Sofia, along with the other Happy Neighbor II documentaries, on November 17, 2011.



happy neighbour 1

HAPPY NEIGHBOR II - Turkey-Croatia - October 16 – 21 2011 , Istanbul

HAPPY NEIGHBOR II -  Turkey-Croatia
The second leg of the Turkish-Croatian collaboration on the Happy Neighbor II Project will take place from October 16 – October 21 2011 in Istanbul. Students Đuro Gavran, Srđan Krnjaić and Pavel Posaveć from the Academy of Dramatic Arts, Zagreb will be shooting a documentary about Tomislav Čošković, a Croatian volleyball player at the Fenerbahçe Club.
The first leg of the collaboration took place in April 2011, where students Şirin Erensoy and Baturay Tavkul shot a Happy Turk in Zagreb.

International Congress on Visual Culture: New Approaches in Communication, Art and Design: Digitalization March 7 - 9 2012.


Dear Colleagues,
Istanbul Kültür University, Faculty of Art and Design is organizing a Congress under the name VISUALIST 2012 “International Congress on Visual Culture: New Approaches in Communication, Art and Design: Digitalization” from March 7 to March 9, 2012.

The aim of the congress is to bring together academics and people working in the industry, coming from different fields and point of views, who will examine theoretical and practical questions regarding “visual culture” within the scope of “digitalization”, in order to bring to the table suggestions and solutions to the problems affecting the subject.
Topics that will be undertaken during the congress will include “new media”, “digital arts”, “digital society”, “communication arts”, “performing arts”, “visual culture”, “visual arts”, and “semiotics and practices”.
You can reach more information regarding the VISUALIST 2012 Congress from the link below.
Kind Regards,
VISUALIST 2012 Congress Organization Committee head

Prof.Dr.Rengin Küçükerdoğan

Istanbul Kültür University Faculty of Arts and Design Vice Dean.