Press Release AFMM 27 May 2009

Orafilm Production and the Academy of Film and Multimedia Marubi have the honor to inform you that the director and Rector Kujtim Çashku is invited to participate in the Think Tank for European Cinematographic Cultural and Educational Policy on the topic of “The Image of Europe”, which shall be held in Berlin in May.

In this important meeting concerning the cultural policy in Europe, Mr. Çashku is invited in the capacity of the Rector of the AFMM and of the member of the European Academy, from the President of the European Academy of Film, Mr. Wim Wenders, and the Deputy Chairman of EFA Board, mr. Volker Schlöndorff.
This 3-day meeting is under the auspices of the President of the European Commission Mr. José Manuel Barosso.
Some of the most famous European filmmakers are invited in this Think Tank such as: Wim Wenders, Volker Schlondorff, Michael Athlen, Costantin Costas Gavras, Fernando Trueba, Admir Kenoviç, Nino Kartadze, Marjane Satrapi, Johanna ter Steege, Istvan Szabo etc, as well as other political authorities of German Government and other European Institutions.

Mr. Çashku will also participate to the first meeting of SEEC ( South East European Cilect), held in Istabul.

At the same time we take this advantage to inform the public opinion, that the physical and the psychological intimidating acts against AFMM, from the part of the Albanian government and the “independent” media continue without any change and the to the repeated demands of Orafilm and AFMM to find a solution, the government has turned a deaf ear and has not accepted to negotiate by openly violating among other laws, the Administrative Procedural Code.

The activation of the anonymous cultural administration, who continue to exercise criminal pressure thus, reflects the vision of this government as to art and culture, which final goal is to finally destroy the cinematographic patrimony of former Kinostudio, by chasing away the cinematographers from that historic territory, by changing its destination protected by law and using the latter to buy independent institutions with public destination in a occult manner.

Today, on the day of departure of Rector Çashku for this important meeting, by violating the laws, representatives of Top Channel, without any legal right and taking advantage by the non-presence of the head of the institution, have come today at the premises of AFMM stating that tomorrow they would use the bulldozers to destroy the park. He came and changed his statement a bit later, saying that they’re waiting for rector Çashku return. Thus, they blocked by wire fence today the Fire Exit Street so there will be no access for ER cases and to the State Archive of Film. The Authorities of the Central Archive of Film keep observing their silence in the face of this danger act to our national cinematographic culture. Also, the National Center of Cinematography with its complete silence, perfectly prove their implication in the inspiration of the unprecedented and unlawful operations against AFMM.

We urge once again Top Channel to give up from these acts which in the near future would make them feel ashamed.

Whatever you and the visionless governments could do in that park, that place about which protection students, professors and artists were beaten up by the police, now is part of the cinematographic history of our country, history that will be taught at schools.

The battle goes on…

Eol Çashku
Cineaste, director of productions AFMM