Born in Bucharest, Romania.

1994 - graduated The National Polytechnical University , Faculty of Metallurgy, Bucharest.

1998 - graduated The National University of Theatre and Film  “I.L.Caragiale”, Bucharest; Film Faculty; Film and TV Directing Department.

1997 – 1998 - Vision 2 Workshop for Documentary Film at The Association of European Film School GEECT.

1998  to date, Senior Lecturer at National University of Theatre and Film  “I.L.Caragiale” Bucharest; Film Faculty; Film and TV Directing Department.

2007 - Ph.D. at The National University of Theatre and Film  “I.L.Caragiale” Bucharest.

2015 to date - Dean of Film Faculty at The National University of Theatre and Film  “I.L.Caragiale” Bucharest.

2009 - publish the book CONCESIA – Mit si traditie in cinematograful nordic contemporan (CONCESIA - Myth and tradition in the contemporary Northern Cinema), at UNATC Press.

1999 – 2010 -  scriptwriter and director for several music videos and commercials in Romania.

2000-2003 - screenwriter, director, producer and initiator of the first Romanian independent film, entitled "Watch it!" (fiction, feature – 107 min.) and the "CONCESIA" Manifesto.

2012 – 2014 - director, producer and initiator of the first Romanian independent film in magic realism, entitled "The Last Incubus!" (fiction, feature – 109 min.) and the "PROMISSUM" Cultural Manifesto.

2015 - publish the book O primă călătorie prin scenariile mele (The First Journey through my Scripts), at UNATC Press

Selective Filmography :

2016: Academia Română: 150 de ani în serviciul Naţiunii Române (Romanian Academy – 150 years),

documentary film 25 min.,  screenwriter & director

2014: Ultimul Zburator (The Last Incubus), feature fiction film, 109 min., script, director & producer

2011:  Oameni de Aur (Golden People); documentary film 63'min., script, director, & executive producer

2009:  Învingãtorii (The Survivors); documentary film 52 min., screenwriter & director

2006: Nucu documentary film, 29 min., director, screenwriter, editor & producer

2004: Zbor deasupra unui cuib de curci (A flee over the turkey’s nest), fiction, 25 min, script & director

2003: 3 Pazeste! (Watch It!); feature fiction film, 107 min., screenwriter, director & producer

2002: 99% Bucharest, documentary, 10 min., screenwriter, director & producer

2001: Calatorie intr-o lume uitata (A trip to a forgotten world), documentary film, 117 min., script, editor,

director & producer

1998: Golgota, documentary film, 13 min., script & directing.


Between 1998 – 2015 – I attended to several international film festivals : Amsterdam, Munchen, Karlovi Vary, Sibiu, Sankt Petersburg, Praga, Sofia, Bruxelles, Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, Budapest, Cluj, Bucuresti, etc.


Selective Awards :                  


Special award offered by the festival’s jury and award offered by “PRO” Foundation, for documentary film Golgota, at 3rd CINEMAIUBIT Film Festival –  Bucharest, 1998


Award for best music video in 2001, offered by A.P.T.R. (TV Professionals Association Romania), 2002


Audience award for fiction film Zbor deasupra unui cuib de curci (A flee over the turkey’s nest), at DAKINO International Film Festival – Bucharest, 2003


Award for doc film 99% Bucharest”, at 7 Arte National Film Festival – Calarasi, 2004



Award for doc film 99% Bucharest , at ALTER-NATIVE International Film Festival, Targu-Mures, 2004



Vladimir Stojcevski

Vladimir Stojcevski is film producer from Macedonia born in 1976 in Skopje.  He finished Production at Faculty of Dramatic Arts and have Master in Economics, with the focus on managing public sector in the field of culture. From 2005 until 2008 he worked as producer in the companies Award entertainment and Award Film and Video. From 2008 he is lecturer of production at University of audiovisual arts in Skopje and from 2016 also lecturer of production at Film Academy of University Goce Delcev in Shtip. From April 2016 he works as Head of Creative Europe Desk MK for MEDIA Sub-programme in frame of Macedonian Film Agency.

He is producer of documentary films “Pursuit of luck”, 2013, director Marija Dzidzeva; “A Day to Be Happy”, 2014, director Ljubica Popovska; “The Children of my Father”, 2015, director Besfort Imami. In 2012 he was Line producer of the feature omnibus film “Skopje Remixed”, consisted by 9 short films by 9 young directors. Currently he is producing the feature film “Oh my love”, directed by the legend of Macedonian theater and film Kole Angelovski. The film is in phase of post-production and is expected to be finished at the beginning of 2017. He is also working on development of the documentary films “The Man With Two Faces”, by Marija Dzidzeva and “8” by Blazhe Dulev.


Beside this he was part of the organizational team of South-East European Film Festivals in Paris and Berlin, “SEE a Paris” (2011-2016) and “SEE in Berlin” (2015-2016), International Theater Festival “Actor of Europe” (2009-2015), held in Prespa, Macedonia and the festival Women’s Rights Nights (2010-2016).




Kadi Lokk

An Estonian native, Kadi Lokk is Paris based television and film producer. She worked six years as Festival Manager for ÉCU - The European Independent Film Festival developing the festival into a global brand. Besides putting together the annual festival event in Paris she also organized screenings and festival events in Jordan, China, Georgia, Spain, Greece, Germany and Brazil. Some of her recent works as a producer include works from news organisations (BBC News and Current Affairs, SBS Australia, France 24 and Bloomberg) to corporations like Dior, Coca-Cola, IBM and McKinsey&Company as well as working on documentary productions (Lost in Libya, ME 262 - The Pilots speak and Jean-Claude Janet). 




Şirin Erensoy

She was born in Beyrouth in 1985. She studied Film and Media at Queen’s University in Canada. While in Canada, Şirin worked on as a reporter, editor, and eventually a news producer at the university’s weekly news program, Queen’s TV. She was also part of many theatrical productions as well as independent film sets.

Upon her return to Turkey in 2008, she moved to Istanbul and worked as an assistant editor for a television show. She completed her MA in Communication Design at Istanbul Kültür University, where she is currently also a research assistant. She presented her Ph. D. dissertation in January 2017. She writes and lectures on film history, film genres, film editing, and contemporary European cinema.

Furthermore, Şirin has worked as a producer and advisor for independent productions, as well as directed her own films. 




2006                The Street Kids of Dakar             Documentary

2007                Steps to Vogue                          Documentary

2007                The Economics of Nirvana            Fiction

2008                The Self-Created Sex                   Documentary

2010                Ince                                          Documentary

2010                The Short Anatomy of a Murder      Fiction

2011                A Happy Turk in Croatia                Documentary

2013                I Occupied: The Gezi Park Protests  Documentary


2013                Set-Up                                        Documentary




Sophia Georgiadou

She studied French Literature in the National Kapodistriakon University of Athens and  professional translation in the French Institut of Athens. She worked as a producer assistant in feature films. She has also taken Acting lessons and participated in theatrical performances. She has been working for the festival in Drama since 1992. She is the General Coordinator of National & International programs of the Short Film Festival in Drama, Responsible for the International Relations. She runs the Educational Platform “Drama Mini Talent Lab” and the  Drama Pitching Lab, as well as special programs & events.