Davor Švaić / Academy of Dramatic Art


Editor by education and background, since 1997 he has been working on various film and TV projects in postproduction, production and directing departments. From 2002 worked for Formula film, an international production company, as a production manager, creative producer and director. Freelanced as a copywriter and director for TV advertising, wrote, produced and directed documentary and interactive media projects. He edits, supervises and co-produces projects. Apart from professional film, TV and multimedia work he teaches what he knows, thinks and feels about film and is always interested to learn from his students. He started teaching in 2006 at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Croatia, in one of the Europe’s oldest Editing departments, and currently is school’s Vice-dean for film and TV. Since 2008 his field of studies and teaching, together with feature and documentary films, have been movie trailers.