Rules of Participation

Istanbul Kültür University
Faculty of Arts and Design
Department of Cinema and Television
Film Festival Project
Project Conceived by
Prof.Dr. Bülent Küçükerdoğan
twitter : @seecsfilmfest
The aim of this festival is to develop the cultural awareness of the students of the member schools of the Southeastern European Cinema Schools Association; to screen the short films of the students and to present the films to other university students, as well as to bring together the filmmakers in order to have them share information and their experiences during the process of filmmaking.
The festival will take place annually at the end of the month of April. For 2017, the festival dates will be 25-26-27 April. The deadline for submission is 10 March 2017.
The SEECS Short Film Festival will include:
1-Fiction and Documentary film screenings: Screenings that will consist of the films of the students of the members schools of SEECS.
2-Exhibitions, panels and symposium about cinema: Various events that will be about the changing dynamic of Balkan and Turkish cinema.
3-Workshops: High school students invited to the festival will be given classes of screenplay, directing, producing and editing at the basic level during workshops that will take place for the duration of the festival. Furthermore, the workshops will then lead to the making of a short film by the students that have attended. The important of these workshops will be to provide an opportunity for Turkish high school students, who will be at this stage of picking majors in universities, to discover their abilities in the field of production and a platform to develop these abilities, in preparation for university.
4-Competition: The films that will be screened will compete in the categories indicated in the “Awards” section. The content of each category and the awards will be decided by the Advisory Committee.
* The competition films can be no longer than 30 minutes.
* All competition films must be subtitled in English.
* The competition films must have been made a maximum of two years prior the festival date.
* All films will need to have been approved by the schools’ dean or department heads in order to apply to the festival.
* Films that have participated in the previous SEECS Short Film Festivals cannot participate this year.
Submission Requirements:
Along with the films please send:
- Film synopsis
- Film cast and crew
- Still from film
- Dialogue List (for Turkish subtitles)
The films need to be uploaded to the link indicated on the festival website, with the H264 codec mov or mp4 format in order to apply to the festival.
The films that pass the pre-selection and are in competition will be evaluated by the Grand Jury and will be given awards in the following categories:
1- Best Film
2-Best Fiction Film
3- Best Documentary Film
4- Best Animation Film
5- Best Experimental Film
6- Best Director
7- Best Cinematography
8- Best Editing
9- Best Screenplay
10- Best Actress
11- Best Actor
12- Best Film Poster
13- Jury Special Award
* The award winners will receive a statue and a certificate.
* The awards will be announced every year by the Advisory Committee. The awards may include money, scholarship and special awards.
The Advisory Committee will select at least five people who have short film experience. If necessary, these members can be selected from outside of the university. The Preliminary Jury will select the films which fulfill the festival requirements in order to be part of the competition.
The Grand Jury will be formed by the Advisory Committee, and will consist of 5 to 7 Turkish and foreign academics.
* Panels and symposiums organized with national and international filmmakers about all aspects of filmmaking.
* Panels with filmmakers part of the competition,
* Workshops
* Exhibitions about cinema
Prof. Dr. Erhan Güzel (Rector of Istanbul Kültür University)
Prof. Dr. Rengin Küçükerdoğan (Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design)
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Üstünipek (Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design)
Prof. Dr. Işıl Zeybek (Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design)
Prof. Dr. Bülent Küçükerdoğan (Cinema and Television Department Head)
Assist. Prof. İbrahim Zengin (Communication Design Department Head)
Lecturer Salih Kalafatoğlu 
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Okan Ormanlı
Assist. Prof. Dr. Perihan Taş Öz
Assist. Prof. Dr. Zeynep Erverdi
Research Assist. Şirin Erensoy
Research Assist. Duygu Nazlı Akova
Research Assist. Duygu Atasoy
Research Assist. M. Orhan Göztepe
Research Assist. Can Ertan
Technial Assist.Elif Ertürk
Technial Assist.Ömür Kınay
Technial Assist.İbrahim Dedeoğlu
Graphic Design
Assist. Prof. Dide Akdağ Satır 
Research Assist. Sevim Karaalioğlu
Research Assist. Ubeydullah Binol
Technical Assist. Ahmet Bikiç
Technical Assist. Olcay Yıldız
Technical Assist. Sezer Ağgez
Prof.Dr. Bülent Küçükerdoğan
Assist. Prof. İbrahim Zengin
Research Assistant Nagihan Çakar Bikiç
In order for the festival be organized and brought to life, 15 members of the Faculty of Arts and Design will be assigned as staff.