Minutes of the SEECS Meeting 03.11.2017

Date: 03.11.2017. Location: NATFA, Sofia Time: 10.00h

Minutes of the SEECS Meeting

Representatives present:
Küçükerdoğan, SEECS Coordinator Stanislav Semerdjiev, NATFA, Sofia
Nitescu, UNATC, Bucharest
Milinković, AAB, Belgrade
Ormanli, IKU, Istanbul
Švaić, ADU, Zagreb

Meeting agenda

1. Report of the past 4 year period
Structure of the organisation and admission of new schools to SEECS 3. Projects

Minutes of the meeting:
Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev is making a welcoming speech and introduction, giving floor to

Prof. Dr. Bülent Küçükerdoğan, SEECS Coordinator.

1. Report of the past 4 year period

Prof. Dr. Bülent Küçükerdoğan, SEECS Coordinator, reporting on activities and projects that took place among SEECS schools in the period of his mandate 2013 - 2017. and talking about his vision of the future of SEECS.

The projects and activities that took place in the past 4 year period include:

  • -  “I SEE YOU” project

  • -  from 2015. SEECS Short Film Festival is taking place at IKU, Istanbul

  • -  SEECS is the partner of Early Bird and Cinemaubit

  • -  SEECS becoming an official partner of Pula film festival, Croatia

  • -  Visit of IKU teacher to ADA, Zagreb to teach history and contemporary Turkish cinema

  • -  New SEECS award is introduced in the Early Bird Festival, Sofia

    Everyone is in favour of Prof. Dr. Küçükerdoğan’s report, moving to the next topic in the agenda.

2. Structure of the organisation and admission of new schools to SEECS
The question raised is whether the future of SEECS means the admission of new schools to the

network, which schools and what the general rules and procedures would be.

After a discussion the representatives have agreed that it would be a positive advancement to accept new schools and have discussed the terms and conditions by which the new member and partner school would be accepted.

Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev proposes the criteria:

  • -  schools should have at least a BA degree in AV field (film, TV, animation, new media...)

  • -  should be recognized by their national official institutions

  • -  quality of alumni and quality of films has to be presented

  • -  only university level schools, not schools vocational training programs to be considered

    Another general idea is to keep the association between the CILECT schools, bringing in non CILECT schools as Partners of SEECS (not full members) to cooperate on the projects, and when/if the school becomes a CILECT member they would become a full SEECS member.

    Prof. Dr. Semerdjiev stresses how it’s important to communicate the status of “Partner of SEECS” does not mean the schools are accepted in CILECT.

    Representatives agree with the proposal and come to the general procedure for the application of new schools. The application has to be prepared according to the following and should hold:

  • -  documentation (accreditation, programs) and a portfolio of student works

  • -  information who the graduates / alumni are

  • -  visit to the future school is obligatory

  • -  specific SEECS application form is to be prepared

  • -  after the application, the SEECS Board (the initial 8 schools) decides if the new school is to be accepted and in which status

    It is decided that still no membership is to be collected for SEECS.

    Regarding the status of colleagues who are not with SCEECS schools any more, the former coordinators of the association: Prof. Dr. Manuela Cernat and Prof. Dr. Bülent Küçükerdoğan, the representatives have decided that they become members ex-officio, and this status shall be confirmed on yearly basis. Everybody votes in favor.

    Statutory changes are to be prepared in order to provide the legal basis for all the changes and additions in the rules and procedures of SEECS.

3. Projects

3.1) Website

Website hosting and maintenance costs 200 EURO / year, Prof. Dr. Bülent Küçükerdoğan is covering the expenses for next year. Everybody agrees Prof. Dr. Küçükerdoğan should continue managing the website of SEECS. Problem is the reduced traffic on the SEECS website, all members should think of ways to solve this.

3.2) SEECS festival

All agree to continue with this project. IKU’s position regarding the festival is unclear. Prof. Dr. Semedjiev remembers that Early Bird started as South Eastern European Film Festival, but then developed into an world wide international one.

Prof. Dr. Küçükerdoğan would like to continue to organize the festival at his new school in Gaziantep, Turkey. Everybody is in favor for Prof. Dr. Küçükerdoğan to continue the SEECS Festival and if this shows is not to be possible, to relocate it to another country.

Prof. Nitescu proposes 2 possible solutions (if it will become impossible for Prof. Dr. Küçükerdoğan to organize the SEECS film festival in Gaziantep): to organize it in Bucharest, in springtime, or to try to organize it during summer in the city of Sulina, at the confluence of Danube River with the Black Sea.

3.3) Holy Neighbour

Prof. Dr. Küçükerdoğan reminds of the “Holy Neighbour” project concept. The representatives agree to adapt the idea from documentary to fiction - a call for a script on this theme will open among SEECS schools, with the deadline in February 2018.

One script shall be selected and then each school will produce one short fiction film, all with the same script / basis. The result will become an omnibus with a theme of religion. Prof. Dr. Semedjiev will prepare the call that is to be published at SEECS schools.

3.4) 7x7x7 project

Prof. Dr. Semerjiev reminded the representatives of the last years meeting minutes and the 7x7x7 project. Simplification of the project is proposed - the idea is to send one student per SEECS school to NATFA for a week, to come up with a student project. Planned period of the student meeting is March 10. - 19. 2018., sending schools will cover the traveling and NATFA all the accommodation costs in Sofia.

The representatives are reminded of the possibility to apply for up to 5000 Eur of financing for cooperation projects from the CILECT.

3.5) Documentary summer school, Grožnjan, Croatia

Doc. Art. Švaić presents the idea to organize Documentary summer school in Grožnjan, Croatia, in the summer 2018. and the possibility to connect it with Pula Film Festival or Motovun Film Festival.

4. Elections

Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev believes the presidency should be made by rotation of the representatives and proposes Doc. Art. Švaić for the new SEECS Coordinator, Doc. Art. Švaić expresses the gratitude to Prof. Dr. Semerdjiev for the nomination and explains why he believes prof. Nitescu would be a much better candidate and an influential future Coordinator, Doc. Art. Švaić therefore nominates Prof. Nitescu for the Coordinator position and abstains from the nomination himself.

Prof. Nitescu accepts the nomination and proposes Doc. Art. Švaić as Vice Coordinator. Prof. Dr. Semerdjiev nominates Prof. Dragan Milinković for the Vice Coordinator position.

Prof. Dr. Bülent Küçükerdoğan holds the proxy vote for Stavrakos school and Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev for Marubi Film School , w ith unanimous votes the new SEECS Board is elected:

Prof. Doru Niescu, Coordinator
Dragan Milinković, Vice Coordinator Doc. Art. Davor Švaić, Vice Coordinator

The meeting was adjourned at 11.45hours.
of the meeting were prepared by Doc. Art. Davor Švaić.