Happy Turk in Croatia shoot completed

This year, the Academy of Dramatic Art organized its 9th student film festival FRKA – Filmska Revija Kazaline Akademije – held from April 1st-April 3rd, 2011. As their guest film school, they invited Istanbul Kültür University. Associate Professor Bülent Küçükerdoğan and Kültür University students Şirin Erensoy and Baturay Tavkul attended FRKA where they made a presentation about their faculty as well as screened their films. Furthermore, this year the Academy of Dramatic Art and Kültür University have been paired up for the “Successful Neighbor II” project. Thus, during their visit, the students were also able to film their project. Vedi Sarifgil is a Turk married to a Croatian woman living in Zagreb. He is in the process of opening a Turkish restaurant in the heart of the city. As for Croatian students Đuro Gavran, Srđan Krnjaić and Pavel Posavec will come to Istanbul and film Croatian volleyball player Tomislav Čošković in the next few months.