CILECT 2012 International Congress Cape Town , 1-5 May 2012

Cilect Congress 2012 Cape Town

“Executives, like most other people, have long believed that human beings are interested only in advancing their material interests. However recent research in evolutionary biology, psychology, sociology, political science and experimental economics suggest that people behave far less selfishly than most assume. “ (Yochai Benkler, 2011)

Many of us may have strong views on the nature of altruism and what Benkler calls the selfish gene. Given the state of our diminishing resources, the global recession, the growing divide between the rich and the poor and many other environmental and urban issues that we face everyday, it would seem appropriate to create a theme which embraces a number of issues that percolate into the challenges that we as motion picture practitioners and educationalists face each day. The CILECT 2012 Cape Town Congress theme: knowledge sharing and collaborative learning practice is by no means new or revolutionary, but rapidly gaining in ascendency and making its presence felt in the greater discourse of training future motion picture students and practitioners.

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